Customs Clearance

    ‘DelExpress’ Transportation Group provides assistance with customs clearance procedures, such as submission of permits and shipping documents, forwarding, warehouse services and delivery. Our staff constantly monitors amendments of the Customs Code in order to duly carry out all customs operations. Our company deals with the customs clearance procedure quickly and cost-effectively.

    We perform customs clearance for both exporting and importing operations. To comply with requests of our clients we offer a whole set of required services:

  • On-line declaration of goods.
  • Time-saving procedure of customs clearance.
  • Representing consignee’s interests during the customs inspection and other types of customs clearance
  • Receiving consent of functional Customs units: Value Control Department, Goods Classification, Origin Department and others.
  • Acquiring permit certificates from Phytosanitary and Veterinary control agencies.
  • Arrangement of internal customs transit and import with preliminary declaration.
  • Acquiring customs clearance for automotive equipment including motor vehicle certificate of title and vehicle registration certificate.
  • Preparation of all documents to receive Tariff Classification for import of production and manufacturing lines by several transportation means simultaneously.
  • Consultations on customs clearance (goods classification subject to FEACN - Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature, Non-tariff Regulations, price risk rates, preliminary calculations of customs fees). 

We provide Customs clearance services on the following Customs’ Agencies: 

  • St. Petersburg Customs
  • Baltic Customs
  • Pulkovo Customs
  • Pskov Customs
  • Smolensk Customs
  • Novgorod Customs
  • Novorossiysk Customs 
  • Chita Customs
  • Vladivostok Customs 

‘DelExpress’ North-West Transportation Group is a licensed customs broker, certificate № 0472/00 as of 08 June 2012.

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