Multimodal Freight Transportation

    We provide an overall set of services to deliver the freight ‘door-to-door’. We also perform transportation of various types of freight by road, sea, rail and air transport. 

Shipping service

    Our freight service unit will organize container transportations from Europe and Scandinavia, Asia-Pacific region, South and North America. Our long-term cooperation with most of marine traffic lines enables us to:

  • To provide competitive rates for delivery of your containers promptly and in the shortest time possible.
  • Deliver your freight from Europe within 10-16 days after it has been packaged.
  • Organize transportation in standard containers and in specially equipped containers (Open Top, Magnum, refrigerated containers, Ro-Ro roll trailers).
  • Deliver break bulk cargo by different vessels.
  • Provide you with all necessary consultations on filling in bills of lading, and details of marine traffic lines work specifics as well as any other professional information. 
  • Avoid delays with customs processing and clearance of your freight.
  • Cut warehouse and container maintenance costs.

Intra-port forwarding

    Years of successful operations enabled our Transportation Group to accumulate a vast practical experience in intra-port forwarding. We have developed our unique techniques to decrease cargo dwell time in ports and reduce financial costs for our clients. We have direct contracts with all lines operating in the port of St. Petersburg and with all container terminals. The experts in our intra port forwarding unit will offer you:

  • Prompt processing and submission of documents.
  • Interaction with the state inspection agencies, including the Customs
  • Loading/unloading operations of any complexity in St. Petersburg port zones.
  • Cargoes weighing and inspection as requested by a consignee or required by inspection agencies.
  • Phytosanitary, veterinary or radiation control services.
  • Intermodal Transshipment and re-packaging of cargo, including temporary warehouse storage.
  • Tally and surveyor services (inspection of cargo units).
  • Timely information on all required documents.
  • Prompt forwarding of your freight to destination point at low prices.

Groupage shipment services

    We offer groupage shipment services to our clients, providing them with a perfect opportunity to send small shipments immediately and on favorable terms. Our Transport Group successfully delivers groupage shipment from Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic Countries by road, sea and air transport.

    Thanks to regular traffic lines from Helsinki, Riga and Tallinn the delivery time of groupage shipment from Europe totals only 10-12 days. All groupage shipments processed by our company are mandatory insured, checked, prepared for delivery and certified.

Delivery of bulk heavy-lift cargo (out of gauge)

    ‘DelExpress’ Transportation Group is well-experienced in making deliveries of bulk heavy-lift cargo (out of gauge) all over the world and throughout the Russian federation. We will:

  • Offer you several delivery schemes to comply with all your requests.
  • Organize delivery of bulk heavy-lift cargo (out of gauge) using specialized rolling stock, consulting specialists in loading/unloading and obtain required clearance along the route.

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